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Radical Interpretation
Is there a Rule-Following Problem?
Can one distinguish between different types of self-referential paradoxes?
Does Arithmetic Require an Appeal to Intuition?
Is Physical Geometry Conventional?
Is Space a Substance?
Does believing a theory entail believing the entities it involves exist?
Is Second-order Logic Logic?
Is Countability Relative?
Does Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem Show That Minds Are Not Machines?
Can Meaning Be Described In Terms Of Speakers' Intentions?
Davidson vs. Verificationism
Are Names Abbreviated Descriptions?
Are There Possible Worlds?
Is Personal Identity a Useful Concept?
Can You Measure Temperature With A Turnip?
Is a Universal Regularity Theory an Adequate Account of Laws of Nature?
Do You Believe In Electrons? If So, Why?
Is Time Travel Possible?
What is Truth?
Are There Universals?
No 'Ought' From 'Is'. Discuss
'There are No Objective Truths' - Discuss
What Truth, If Any, Is There In Emotivism?
Is hedonism an adequate theory of happiness?
Expound and Evaluate Plato's Doctrine of Recollection
'Virtue Is Knowledge' - Is It?
How Coherent is Hume's Attempt to Disprove the God of Theism?
Is Verificationism True?
What are the Bearers of Truth Values?
Are There Synthetic A Priori Truths?
What is the Distinction Between Sense and Reference?
Is Scepticism True?
What is the Mind / Body Problem?
What is the Problem of Induction?
Why is it that we can Change the Future, but Not the Past?

My Thoughts On...

...genetically modified foods


Ben's Journal

Jeni's Journal


The Elemental Cycle:-
The Boat
The Train
Marasong Two
The Sun Shines Down
Thanks - I'm here now
Still Here, So Friend
5 Days / 3 Weeks After
Trust You
Love Angst:-
Friend Far Away
Encore Tu Vas
How You Made Me Feel
An Empty Bed
Love Haiku
Learning To Hate You
Learning To Love (You) Again
A Brother
A Fascist's Song
The Fire
The Lucky Few
Wrap: Winter
Montgomery Of Allemayne
Larkin and McGough

h2g2 Photos

Playing Softball
Sam and EV Looking Cool
Reinhard Sitting and Filming
Listening Eagerly for the Rugby (?) Score
Loadsa People
The Fish Getting Very Excited
Abi Leads the Troops Forward
People... Milling...
More... People... Milling...
People Begin to Gather
Joanna and Abi
People Gather on the Grass
More People Gather on the Grass
Lots of People Having Fun and Chocolate
Peregrin, Mr Cynic, The Fish, Demon Drawer, EV, Joanna and Sam

Photo Albums

Interrail Tickets
Interrail Tickets cont.
Eurostar, Interrail and Train tickets
Train and Bus tickets
(clockwise from top-left) Eiffel Tower ticket, metro pass, Pete and Sacre Coeur, the view from Sacre Coeur, assorted tickets, hostel receipt
(left to right) The Two Parliaments in Brussels: the EU parliament, the Belgian Parliament and the view in the other direction
The Netherlands
(left to right) Cologne Dom, Berlin Olympic Stadium
(clockwise from top-left) Condom advert, bombed church, bombed church with new church on either side
(clockwise from left) Bombed church, view from Charlottenburg \'Palace\', the \'Palace\' itself
(clockwise from top-left) Pete, modern Berlin buildings, the Charlottenburg \'Palace\'
(clockwise from top-left) Pete wanting me not to embarrass him / show us up as tourists, Olympic painted bear, groovy bear
The Reichstag and the back of a bus
(clockwise from left) Memorial by the Reichtag, Friedrichstrasse, Berliner Dom
The Berlin Wall
The Czech Republic
(clockwise from top-left) The River Vltava, The Czech Parliament, two views of the Charles Bridge
The rooftops of Prague
(clockwise from top-left) Marionette Mozart, Jewish Museum ticket, St Vitus\' Cathedral inside the castle, my obsession with turrets begins, a ticket
Inside St. Vitus\' Cathedral; a map
Views of the river, a map from our hostel, nightly entertainment
(clockwise from top-left) The Biggest Music Club in Middle Europe?, kippa from Jewish Museum / synagogue, the best thing ever, crucifix w/ hebrew on Charles bridge, the view from the bridge
(clockwise from left) Page from book aquired from the Belarussian, outer Prague, postcard, message from our roomie - Aimee, the cult of Krusovice begins!
(clockwise from left) (Blurry) night photography - Tyn Church, Charles Bridge, Maccie D\'s, ticket
Karlovy Vary: (clockwise from top-left) ticket, map of film festival venues, ticket, you can only just make it out but the white sign beneath the ring genuinely reads \'Cars Bad\'
Karlovy Vary (clockwise from top-left) Sports hall \'camping\' ticket, film festival ticket for \'Lovely Rita\', the worst map ever, ticket for \'Death of the Hollywood Kid\', cool house
Kutna Hora: (clockwise from left) campfire, bus ticket, bone-church column, our campsite
Kutna Hora: Cathedral of sv Barbora and the bone-church
Poland (clockwise from top-left): rural church, hostel receipt, Krakow map, Krakow Rynek Glowny (square)
Slovakia (clockwise from top-left): tickets, Bratislava map, Telecoms building in Bratislava, another ticket, Pete in the Hotel Europa in Poprad
Vienna (clockwise from top-left): incomprehensible train timetable with attempts to work out filled volume of MAK courtyard, turret, ticket, MAK map
Old and new in Vienna, modern building and the Stephansdom, with MAK room inventories
Inside the Stephansdom, Vienna
Inside the Stephansdom, Vienna, and more MAK regalia
More Vienna
The moment we couldn\'t resist buying a paper any longer, the Hungarian Parliament
Budapest: The Victory Monument and views of the Danube
Zagreb: Vera\'s lovely hostel and bus tickets
Mondays in Ljubljana
Venice (clockwise from top-left): Turtle fountain, tower in San Marco square, rocking gondola
Venice (clockwise from top-left): Doge\'s Palace, Peggy Guggenheim ticket, Piazza San Marco, the Rialto
Venice (clockwise from left): Peggy Guggenheim map, Arsenale, Pete, Venice map
Rainbows over the Canal Grande
Rome (clockwise from top-left): St Peter\'s Square, Vatican museum ticket, statue in Vatican, view from Vatican
Views of the Vatican
The Trevi fountain, Rome, Juxtaposed with tickets and flyer
The Colosseum and Forum
Tickets, map and Rome by night
Florence cont.
Florence: Piazzale Michelangelo (top-right), Piazza Santa Maria Novella (bottom-left)
Florence (clockwise from top-left): the Ponte Vecchio, campsite map, the Arno at dusk
Night and day in Florence
Florence: Light and Dark
Viareggio, Milan (\'s McDonald\'s w/ 25p hamburgers), view through grill at Colosseum
Interlaken, Switzerland
Wengen, Switzerland
Mannlichen (clockwise from top-left): Colin the Canadian, Cow, Pete, Wengen from above
Mannlichen - Kleine Scheideg - Wengen walk
Zany Colin\'s photo, alpine turret, the lake at Brienz
France (2)
The Louvre
Antiquities in the Louve, the Venus de Milo
More items in the Louvre
Items in the Louvre and (bottom-left) the wall of the old Louvre (now underground)

Photos of Philosophers

Helen in Fitz
Double '0' Helen
Mike, Lucy and Daniel - In Dave's Room
Skye - Picking dresses at Strawberry Fair
Ben being disgusting in Helen's lap
Mike, Jack and Daniel, looking dodgy
Daniel, Jack and ? - after Trinity hall
Anthony, Skye, Helen and Anselm - after Churchill hall
Skye and Helen at it - Churchill formal hall
Skye and Helen - Churchill formal hall
After Churchill formal hall
Skye and Anthony - after Churchill formal hall
Helen, Skye and Ben - Arty blur
Les philosophes - Après Churchill formal hall
Ben, Mike and Jack - punting
Skye and Anselm - possibly the nicest photo ever
Mike, Tim and Skye - punting, Skye smiling beautifully
Everybody after Trinity formal hall
Lucy, Dave and Martha - in Dave's room
Churchill formal hall
Ben, Mike, Jack and Skye - punting
Skye - arty, on the phone in a Hepworth
After Churchill formal hall, gorgeous sky(e)
Skye and Debs - at the orgy
Ben and Skye - at the orgy
Ben and Skye at it - at the orgy
Chris looking shocked at Churchill formal hall
Anselm, Paul, Jeremy and Daniel - J, D unaware of the background
Skye and Helen - after Churchill formal hall
Anselm and Paul - 'Me big man. Me fight'
Helen and Jeremy - after Churchill formal hall
Skye and Helen - after Churchill formal hall
Anthony, Skye, Helen and Anselm - Anselm grinning
Chris, Anthony, Skye and Helen - after Churchill formal hall
Everyone after Churchill formal hall
Skye and the waiter - Churchill formal hall
Skye - the coolest person ever
Skye, and Helen licking her arm
Helen and Skye - Churchill formal hall
Skye and Helen - at it again
Everyone before Churchill formal hall
Dave - after punting
Everyone before Churchill formal hall
Tim and Skye - after punting
Fitz philosophers - after punting
Dave, Helen and Chris - is Chris picking a fight?
Helen - after punting
Skye, Chris, Anselm and Helen - atop Castle Hill, looking away
Skye, Chris, Anselm and Helen - eating atop Castle Hill
Skye, Chris, Anselm, Ben and Helen - atop Castle Hill
'Oh My God! Everything's Blue!'
'Everything's Blue!' 2
Ben - Castle Hill
Everyone after Trinity formal hall
Chris looking terrified(/ing) - after Trinity hall
Skye and Daniel - snuggling nice and close
'Good Morning, Preccie!!!'
Skye-and-Ben - Anthony's room

Childhood Photos

Watch This Space!

mfgc Photos

Cathy Being Bright
Nick Smiiiiiiiliiiiing!
Nick on Ben (?)
Cathy, Ben and Bazza
Cathy Singing 'I'm a Little Teapot'
Ben Behind Big Bucket of Butterkist
Upside Down Bazza
Nick Looking Lost
Nick Watches Fascinated as Bazza Plays 'Catch the Inanimate Candle'
Nick and Ben
Bazza and Ben's Arty Camera Flash Experiment
Cathy Swoons at the Beautiful Ceiling!
Bazza and the Candle
Cathy's... er... legs
Nick and Bazza, Quite Amused!
The Bazza and the Cat
Andrew Wheeler
David C Williams Looking Puzzled
Bazza Plays Guitar
Ben Wins the Cheesy Grin Contest
Bazza and the Cat 2
'My eyes ARE greener than his!'
The Bear and the Guitar Went to Bed...
Andrew Worships at the Coca Cola Shrine
Bazza 2
Ben and Andrew Wheeler Smiiiile
Andrew Sleeps
Bazza Enjoys a Cup of Coffee
Cathy Enjoys a Cup of Coffee
Ben Giggles
Bazza Enjoys Another Cup of Coffee
Nick Giggles
Bazza Giggles
Nick and Ben Chill
Bazza and Ben, Blurry
Ben - Zombiefied
David Sleeps

Artistic Photography

Watch This Space!