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Here are some of my essays that I've written over the year for my course - I hope they are of interest and are of some use to others studying philosophy, or simply trying to get a grasp of some of the ideas and issues raised by the subject.

Part 2 (3rd year)


Radical Interpretation

Is there a Rule-Following Problem?

Can one distinguish between different types of self-referential paradoxes?

Does Arithmetic Require an Appeal to Intuition?

Aesthetics Extended Essays

aka mini-dissertations, submitted in lieu of an exam.
Currently being examined. I will put these up during the summer.

Philosophy of Science

Is Physical Geometry Conventional?

Is Space a Substance?

Does believing a theory entail believing the entities it involves exist?

Mathematical Logic

Is Second-order Logic Logic?

Is Countability Relative?

Does Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem Show That Minds Are Not Machines?

Part 1B (2nd year)


Can Meaning Be Described In Terms Of Speakers' Intentions?

Davidson vs. Verificationism

Are Names Abbreviated Descriptions?

Are There Possible Worlds?

Mind Extended Essays


Is Personal Identity a Useful Concept?

Philosophy of Science

Can You Measure Temperature With A Turnip?

Is a Universal Regularity Theory an Adequate Account of Laws of Nature?


Do You Believe In Electrons? If So, Why?


Is Time Travel Possible?

What is Truth?

Are There Universals?

Part 1A (1st year)


No 'Ought' From 'Is'. Discuss

'There are No Objective Truths' - Discuss

What Truth, If Any, Is There In Emotivism?

Is hedonism an adequate theory of happiness?

Set Texts

Expound and Evaluate Plato's Doctrine of Recollection

'Virtue Is Knowledge' - Is It?

How Coherent is Hume's Attempt to Disprove the God of Theism?


Is Verificationism True?

What are the Bearers of Truth Values?

Are There Synthetic A Priori Truths?

What is the Distinction Between Sense and Reference?

Metaphysics / Mind

Is Scepticism True?

What is the Mind / Body Problem?

What is the Problem of Induction?

Why is it that we can Change the Future, but Not the Past?