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The Boat

In my boat there are just
So many seats
So many
People I can trust
To sail with me
To where West
East meets
I see him by the wayside standing tall and thin
Begging for respite within
The little boat
But we must wonder if the little thing will stay afloat
Carrying three
And I should have told him no
But saw more of them wanting to go
None must stay
And all they tell us
Lined along the shore
Must swiftly and with no delay
Sail away
Now I am screaming
I cannot bear to see them there
Falling all into the freezing water
Where I have put them
Not my fault I cry
I cry
Tears into the water
None must die
I tell myself all must fit
Into my godforsaken ship
Tipping them out I shout
Hoping all will see I never meant
To hurt a soul
Holding fast
And sitting still
As the old boat went past
And then quite clearly
I could see
The little boat in which I stood
Grabbing at the poor fools who tried
And nearly died trying to sail by with me
Was really just a tiny gondola
And had but room enough for two
Yet still it is clear
As I sit by you
There still are some though only few
Who would if we allowed it
Join us gondolier