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The Elemental Cycle

I won the Milton Prize for Poetry at St Paul's for this cycle of four poems, whose linking themes are Water, Earth, Air and Fire. These might otherwise, of course, be filed under other labels - The Boat might more properly be in the 'Love Angst' category, whilst The Train, I suppose, could be considered (Ahem) a poem about friendship.

Both Marasong Two and The Sun Shines Down would have to be filed under 'Miscellaneous' - the former was inspired by the now defunct 'Marasong One', which I gave to a stranger who had been waiting ages for a train at the same time as I was, on the day of the London Marathon, and the latter must be put down to the inspiration of that wonderfully tragic episode (which was surely watched by the huge numbers of people that nearly got Eldorado commissioned for another series by tuning into the final episode to see how it all ended) of Family Affairs.

The Boat

The Train

Marasong Two

The Sun Shines Down