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Encore Tu Vas

And so you said 'I'm going to go'.
And so you said goodbye.
I watched you walk away;
And I watched you walk away;
And you walked away;
And you were gone.
And I still see you standing
There in front of me.
You walked away,
You walked away.

I hugged you
And I held you in my arms,
And then you walked away.

I touched your hand
With my fingertips
Touching yours
And you turned around
And walked away -
Two steps,
Three steps,

I guess I felt
You touch me
Deep inside
And I guess I knew
You'd have to go.
I didn't want to say goodbye,
But I knew -
Though I hoped I was wrong -
You'd walk away.

So now I climb back out
Of your eyes
Into which I fell
So deeply,
So that part of me
Isn't dragged away from me
When you walk away.

But it scares me
That you'll want to take
From me
When you walk away
That part of you
That I have in my heart
And leave a hole
So deep.

As you walk away.