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Poems About Love...

...and the joys associated with it!

Okay, okay, so it's not original, it's not clever, and I'm never going to say something that hasn't been said a thousand times before - but it's still true that some of the best poetry in the world springs from love, and more specifically the angst of unrequited or (as in the case of most of these) lost love.

It may sound strange, but often I find the best person to reassure me that I'm not alone and that I'm not experiencing anything that hasn't been felt before is me - and there is great comfort in being able to look back, think 'God, I felt awful back then' yet know that I survived; these poems are about trying to express how I felt, at least in part to remind me that I survive, and also because pain is part of life, and I wouldn't live any other way.

Friend Far Away

Encore Tu Vas

How You Made Me Feel

An Empty Bed

Love Haiku

Learning To Hate You

Learning To Love (You) Again