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The Sun Shines Down

She looked at me through the flames
And couldn’t get her mouth around the words
I spoke to her, but never again
Since my last speech will go unheard.

I’d seen more than ever before
As all her hair was licked about
And that was her last I ever saw.
I could only shout.

I’ll never know now that she’s dead
If my words had reached her ears
Or if something that he had said
Provoked those tears.

I shouldn’t think about it now
Whilst both her eyes began to stream
It wasn’t through love she burnt or how
Her tears just turned to steam.

I wonder if before she died
Her nose had smelt the gas -
Her wedding bells resound inside
Right through her funeral mass.

At her coffin I pay respect
Her body lies in front of me
All I can do now is reflect
That she’s entombed in memory.